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Deadline project proposals: 05-04-2020
Deadline partner’s expression of interest in participating in the project proposal: 05-03-2022
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Networks of towns
"A Europe without walls", a project conceived and implemented by ENNA FEDERCONSUMATORIES that operate as an association of consumers. The project was created with the aim of giving the cities that will be part of the project more solid conditions for greater cohesion and social inclusion of its inhabitants, including the population of people outside Europe. The main idea was to:To build citizenship pathways for immigrants, promoting awareness of citizenship rights and duties and self-organisation skills to achieve forms of social inclusion;Promote employment and training by giving a social role to young women and men who ask for political refuge, enhancing their professional skills and through the start-up of autonomous or collective enterprises;Sculpting future visions and creating a sense of community in the collective imagination through processes of "rapprochement" of the general population towards refugees, and vice versa, creating solidarity networks."A Europe without walls" does not want to be a project aimed only at partner associations, but rather the implementation of processes that, beyond the project, will mobilize people, institutions, groups and organizations by determining new forms of alliances and strategies together, which can bring to the common participants greater social cohesion and sense of community among non-EU citizens.The project will see the collaboration of Immigrants with municipalities and partner associations, aware that the present and future of these cities should be everyone. The creation of the project will be supported by a path of mutual recognition, where it is possible to discover the prejudices and cultural preconceptions that everyone carries with them, rework the experiences made and reinterpret them with new meanings in the light of comparison and cultural interaction.The realization and the experience of national and international comparison trips will give the possibility to the young people involved to confront themselves with other and different realities on the issue of integration and social inclusion of minorities.Another objective of the project is to contribute to transforming the structure of the social services of the participating cities, to (re)build a real capacity for a widespread, equitable and universalistic response, thanks to a common vision and strategy and a new responsible, community, solidarity and organized approach.With the aim of moving from the welfare of the administration to the welfare of the European Community, the project is aimed at all the cities involved with the aim of triggering a significant evolution in the sign of universalism and equity. In this sense, the beneficiaries will be, directly or indirectly, all the citizens who will enjoy the results of the project.Deadline partner's expression of interest in participating in the project proposal