Di: Municipality of Kucova
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Deadline project proposals: 01-09-2019
Deadline partner’s expression of interest in participating in the project proposal: 29-08-2019
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Networks of towns
The Municipality of Kucove is pleased to invite partners for its project proposal for Europe for CItizens Program, Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation, Measure 2: Network of towns. Our project aims to create a network of towns to collaborate in youth employment and migration issues, as well as bring together best practices of young migrants, exchange information and experience in migrant policies at European Union and Balkan areas. We also aim to gather data on young migrants and European youth views on youth employment, youth migration, and the aspects of these policies that produce euroskepticism and lack of solidarity among young generations. We will come up with a study of EU and Balkan view of Europe in the framework of youth policies, especially employment policies. We are proposing at least 4 international activities to be organized in different countries, intercultural dialogue and cooperation among Municipalities and among young workers/migrant of different countries. Youth in entire Europe, either from EU countries or candidate countries are nowdays stumbling while creating their future and their countries future, due to Euroskepticism. A storm of negative political or social propaganda collides with their young minds, producing Euroskepticism not because of their own thought and experience, moreover because of outside ideas that are not to be nurtured. It is a fact that euroskepticism is influencing in the increment of violence against migrants, devaluating the impact of the core values of European society, respect for human rights and human dignity. It is true that Europe today as well as the Balkan Area suffers Euroskepticism, democracy deficiency and low youth participation in voting. The flexibility of work market, though has its positive aspects is also one of main concerns of youth today, causing youth migration and insecurity of their future development. Youth form Balkans are pouring as migrants, meanwhile youth from Europe are not judging independently how this fact is impacting their life and the reason the Union was created in the first place: to bring unity and peace.  Youth from inside and outside of Union should get involved in common activities where they can create bondage and build solidarity, become activist in welcoming their peers rather than stigmatizing them.  Local public entities must work with these youth and bring out measures and means to enhance youth transnational collaboration in the view of better education of youth with European values, rule of law equality and freedom. A better view of the solidarity mechanism within EU will bring both institutions and youth into a common ground related to policies that regulate the legislative aspects of work market for a more inclusive Union toward young migrants, especially those from Balkan Countries.