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Deadline project proposals: 02-09-2019
Deadline partner’s expression of interest in participating in the project proposal: 26-07-2019
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Networks of towns
We, the Municipality of Padula (Italy) intend to apply for the European Call  Networks of Towns 2019 Round 2, part of the Programme EUROPE FOR CITIZENS and we are looking for a partner in this regard. Our idea is to create a network of  European municipalities which have on their territory a cultural monument such as the Padula Charterhouse, UNESCO inheritage. The project's goal is to  promote intercultural dialogue on the topic by organizing a series of activities as visits, workshops and fruition activities, in order to re-discover the characteristics that unite these cultural sites and the way their presence marked the relative territories. The project will involve 4 events. Each event will take place in one of the four towns partners for the project. Project duration: maximum 12 month The project will contribute to achieving the objective of promoting intercultural dialogue by bringing European citizens of different nationalities and different languages together and by giving them the opportunity to participate in common activities. Starting, therefore, from the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, Italy, from its immense spaces and the architectural grandeur that characterizes it, the participants, through activities such as visits, workshops and fruition activities, can re-discover the characteristics that unite these sites and the way their presence marked the relative territories. The involvement in this project will make the participants aware of the artistic beauty and landscape features of the countries of origin and of those to be discovered as well as of the richness of the cultural environment in Europe. It will also mean acquiring new skills, including linguistic ones, which will help them to undertake new courses of study or training. The activities are also meant to promote mutual understanding and tolerance, thereby contributing to the development of a respectful, dynamic and multifaceted European identity.If you may be interested in participating as a partner, please send us your reply within the 26/07/2019.