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Deadline project proposals: 30-10-2020
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Civil society project

Understanding the causes of poor  employment opportunities for ex-prisoners


Explore effective strategies which equip ex-prisoners to enter gainful employment and avoid re-offending.

Aims of project -To foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding to combat stigmatisation of prisoners  and minority groups.

In areas such as:

Training for prisoners to help them develop  employment seeking skills.

Mentor assistance and support to assist ex-prisoners in gaining employment.

Demonstrating a positive impact on reducing re-offending by beneficiaries of this project.

Examine examples of successful projects in different EU countries.

Role of the partner organisation in the project

Release are looking for partners who work with prisoners in areas such as training skills, mentoring and reintegration for prisoners back into society.

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