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Roze Woensdag

Roze Woensdag

Un progetto inserito | Nijmegen
The “Pink Wednesday Foundation” is a Dutch NGO and organizes since 2008 yearly the Pink Wednesday, an inclusive LGBTI-day in Nijmegen (176,000 inhabitants. Pink Wednesday is an inclusive LGBTI-day that takes place during a large non-LGBTI-event: the Four Days Marches Parties, the festivities that are celebrated during the International Four Days Marches. 45,000 people from all over the world take part in these walking marches and the Four Days Marches Parties (that last 7 days!) attract 220.000 visitors every day. We call it an inclusive LGBTI-day because of the fact that it is organized also with and for a straight audience. With Pink Wednesday we like to build bridges. And we are successful in doing that: in the past ten years Pink Wednesday grew from 1 participating stage, 2,000 visitors and none of the walkers wearing pink to 8 participating stages, 50.000 visitors and at least 50% of the four days marches walkers wear pink or rainbow colours.

Proposte progettuali in corso

11 LUGLIO 2019 - Sander Ederveen

Short description of the project, including its aims

Does your city have a multi-day non-LGBTI-event like public street parties, Oktoberfeste or cultural festivals? And would you like to create an inclusive LGBTI-day during that event, together with us? The Dutch Pink Wednesday is looking for 4 to 5 partners in the EU who’d like to participate in the EU programme ‘Europe for citizens’ for civil society projects.

The first priority of Rainbowdays is to create awareness of the LGBTI group among:

  1. the general public
  2. the diversity within LGBTI-group itself, among who refugees, mentally challenged LGBTI-people, transgender people etc.
  3. the history of the LGBTI-groups in the EU, the emancipation period, the current laws concerning LHBTI rights.
  4. political parties and persons about the presence of the LGBTI community.


Role of the partner organisation in the project

We are searching for collaboration with 4 or 5 partners to:

  • Organise Rainbowdays in 4 or 5 countries, celebrating the freedom. The form of the day may vary per country.
  • To exchange awareness projects created by volunteers in each country.
  • To exchange (the) involved volunteers.
  • Create ideas together for dissemination of the results.
  • To organise trainings and share best practises

All the above will be created in co-creation with the partners.


See more specific characteristics about the partners we are looking for


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