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ADEFO Cinco Villas was founded in 2000 as a nonprofit organization working for the integrated, sustainable and innovative socio-economic development in the area of Cinco Villas (Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain). We are a regional development agency that supports companies, entrepreneurs, associations and public bodies in their efforts to generate economic activity, create jobs and improve the quality of life of citizens. We are interested in participating in projects related to: rural development, tourism, fighting against depopulation, social entrepreneurship, attraction of new residents in rural areas, innovation, smart villages and empowerment and support for rural youth, among others. We have long expertise in the management of the Leader initiative of Rural Development and in the coordination of cooperation projects between Local Action Groups on different topics: improvement of SMEs management and competitiveness, improvement of companies through marketing and dissemination actions, valorization and furtherance of the Aragon agri-food products, rural tourism and valorization of cultural heritage. For further information Web:, Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Contact: Cristina Lasmarías -

Proposte progettuali in corso

17 LUGLIO 2019 - Ana Cristina

We are interested in collaborating  in the following fields:

  • Art and culture
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Citizenship
  • Social inclusion and welfare
  • Public services
  • Sustainable development of rural areas
  • Sport and leisure, facilities / events
  • Historical and cultural heritage
  • Rural depopulation
  • Youth education and civic participation

We are open to participate in any project which would create conditions for thematic and long-term cooperation between European rural areas working in the fields indicated above.


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