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Meshy (Media education Sustainability Yeah)

Meshy (Media education Sustainability Yeah)

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Meshy " (Media , Education , Sustainability, Hospitality , Yeah . ) is a non profit organization established in 2013 with a long experience in international projects involving young local people (especially those with disadvantages). The organization pursues the following aims : • disseminate and promote the local culture (expressions related to folklore, traditions, art and ancient crafts ) within the European and international level; • broaden the knowledge of authentic cultural expressions linked to the territory ; • represent and spread the culture of international interest in strategic places, allowing the cultural promotion. In order to ensure the growth of members, the association " meshy " accomplishes activities abroad ( campus , international projects, courses, workshops , exhibitions , screenings, workshops, exhibitions and performances ), in contexts where participants can promote their culture or acquire knowledge that can’t be achieved in usual contexts .

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26 LUGLIO 2021 - Meshy (Media education Sustainability Yeah)
Abstract: In the period of crisis, the human being has alway found out solutions and strengthen through the union with peers and community. Communities are the symbol of resilience.This project faces the necessities of small towns, villages and rural areas that get more and more isolated. Cause the crisis, the emigration, lack of communication and opportunities, villages are, little by little, disappearing. In Italy, for example, social studies declare that by 2030, 1000 villages will disappear; and, with them, a lot ho traditions and lores. Nevertheless there is a faint stream, according to, groups of people gather in communities, move in rural areas to: save and share costs; cooperate each other; practice the barter and exchange services; support sustainable economy, protect and increase the local heritage. A lifestyle very common until few generations ago. 1BC project wants to show that living in rural and isolated areas is possible and necessary for: a better allocation of population (the concentration of people in few big cities is a relevant issue); to save the heritage; to prevent and tackle the emigration; to increase a sustainable economy based on local heritage; to promote a healthy lifestyle according to the nature and organic food. The involved countries will compare each other about traditions and community samples. The old communities will be compared with new ones. The model of community promoted put together old and Europa values (solidarity, tolerance, human rights, etc...), sustainability and modern tecnology


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