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Centro di servizio per il volontariato del Lazio ha l'obiettivo di organizzare, gestire ed erogare servizi di supporto tecnico, formativo ed informativo per promuovere e rafforzare la presenza ed il ruolo dei volontari negli enti del Terzo settore, senza distinzione tra enti associati ed enti non associati, e con particolare riguardo alle organizzazioni di volontariato.

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Abstract: Theme: European citizens debating on connection among solidarity, participation, economy Title: ReSyPP – Renewing Symbols through Participative Practices Description and aims: The project is thought as a mean to activate even in small and peripheral communities and territories stable processes enabling citizens to be active agents in continuously fostering, promoting, feeding a diffused knowledge of the European political and social agenda through participative approaches. Citizenz should be active in implementing Agora for Europe, public spaces where all citizens – also the unexpected ones - are included and empowered to contribute to the implementation of a common vision of social Europe based on patterns of growth and development based on community-lead and solidarity based processes in analysing context and data, debating, decision-making, planning  with the experimental integration of means of e-Participation/Debate, e-Coordination and collaborative construction of proposals and statements. A special interest of the project consists in getting the active involvement in the Agoras of both young people (aged 18-29) and/or youth organizations/Youth Worker (experts in social animation work with young) and public local institutions (Municipalities, public services) as guarantors of the project implementation bat also duration.By means of small and large groups co-operation, the project will experiment how is possible to collaborate to the construction of solidaristic and social policies (which cross different fields as work, education, local development, economic growth) at local and European level ( bridging the local debate with the policy objectives of Europe 2021-27 and 2030 SDGs) through the construction of conditions favourable to citizens taking of voice.  This vision wants to start from a historic European symbol and from the place related to this symbol: we mean the Manifesto of Ventotene and the island where it was written. We should start from the statements of the Manifesto (which in 2021 celebrate 80 years ) and discuss how it is actual nowadays, how it can inspire European citizens to analyse critically if Europe is near or distant from manifesto values, But we also will use the inspiring document to give citizens to write something new, to state newly evolved principles, to create models inspiring future generations to act in a collaborative and not competitive manner and to be active in promoting inclusion, social rights, development and practicing it through planning for inclusive and solidarity based communities, supported with social practices and projects.So such a symbol can become the engine of the activation of multiple communities, in Italy as well in other partner countries, in peripheral areas as well as in sub-urban area, all committed in elaborating visions and strategies to relaunch a European community-based action to enhance and diffuse practices of solidarity, participation, democracy as constitutive principles of social but also cultural and economic development.


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