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Projects proposal

16 JULY 2020 - Platypus
Abstract: The main objective of this project is to foster debate on the Future of Europe after Covid 19, to strengthen the interaction between citizens and institutions and to promote a bottom up approach to allow citizens to express their views on the EU and influence policy-making decisions. Specific objectives of the project are finding out how Covid 19 has changed citizens' views of the EU and their priorities for the EU; increase the institutional capacity of civil society organizations to involve citizens into participating in the decision-making processes on the EU-level; improve citizens' understanding of EU values and institutions. The main activities include: 1. training for key staff on the most effective approaches and innovative instruments to increase citizens' participation in debating the future of Europe and on the methods of connecting citizens with decision-makers in EU institutions. 2. Three international labs on future of Europe to create greener, smarter and fairer Europe. 3. Conference in Brussels - presenting the conclusions to the EU institutions. Local activities will include survey on citizens' views of the EU and their priorities for EU policies post Covid-19, online debates, webinars, podcasts, art exhibitions on innovative solutions for smarter, greener and fairer cities, citizens' meetings with local decision-makers, Facebook/Instagram competition on the most innovative proposal for fairer, greener and/or smarter Europe. Expected outcomes include a publication on the citizens views, Citizens Manifesto - policy proposals for the future of Europe; increased participation in the decision-making processes, especially from citizens with no previous engagement in civil life; improved positive EU attitude. The project has an ambition to further evolve as sustainable partnership of citizens and civil society organizations aiming to advocate and promote citizens oriented open government and bottom-up decision making at the EU level.


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