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Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Town Twinning

The preservation of the fundamental European values such as human rights, freedom, democracy, equality or respect for hu-man dignity, is largely in the hands of the young people of Eu-rope who have the power and the potential to mobilise in an unprecedented way. It is important to fight the political apathy and to stimulate the interest of this generation for this subject, especially in the current context of a pandemic. We are witness-ing the increasing emergence of extremist parties and move-ments which are arguing for a break with the European Union, trying to promote ideals linked to Euroscepticism. And in addi-tion, with the emergence of Covid-19, strong threats to democ-racy and freedoms are also emerging. We are witnessing the advance of new ways of restricting freedoms, and nationalisms exacerbated by the rhetoric of the need to distance ourselves from the ‘other’ and promoting the discourse of disunity. It is undeniable the need to mitigate the risk of devastating conse-quences for public health and the well-being of all. But, in our opinion, the keyword in dealing with the pandemic will be "bal-ance" - a balance between the protection of individual and col-lective health, and the protection and maintenance of funda-mental European values. We must rethink the new reality that the European Union is experiencing today through the valuable sharing of information on experiences and strategies that will enable us to face the future in the best way and, above all, that will promote solidarity and not stigma and discrimination, that will promote union rather than division and distance.

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