Di: Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Coimbra (CIMRC)
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Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Civil society project

In the last decade, it has been seen an increasing concern with the migrant community and minority groups in European countries given the challenges they face, stemming from stereotypes, prej-udice and xenophobic behaviour.In this sense, our project has as its main objective the creation of a permanent network of collaboration between partners in order to raise awareness among the transnational community, encour-aging the democratic and civic participation of the EU citizens and reinforcing European citizenship.Only through intercultural dialogue that promotes the develop-ment of a multifaceted European identity based on values of com-mon tolerance and mutual understanding will we be able to change the European attitude towards migrants, enabling them to become full members of society in the near future.

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