Di: Klaipeda association of local communities (Klaipėdos bendruomenių asociacija, KBA)
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Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Town Twinning

KBA are interested in projects aimed at: 1. Counterfighting the effects of pandemic crisis at local level and EU co-operation level, by finding practical solutions and best methods  for local wealth building and to act  against poverty, wage stagnation, low productivity, loss of jobs, emigration, underinvestment  and widening inequality of income and wealth in Lithuania  and other EU countries. 2. Participatory budgets, participatory governance and e-Democracy tools (CONSUL, DECIDIM and others) for civic engagement. We are interested to participate in active sharing best practices, different experiences and approaches of other  EU countries, communities and organizations. 3. Community Strength Building programmes focused at bringing up the strength and influence of city communities up to the level of becoming an equal partner for discusion with local government and local business. Building up the co-operation networks with advanced local communities and regional, national and EU umbrella organizations - thus expanding partnerships, creating the base for new social contract on local levels, leading to more sustainable EU cities and better quality of life. In this context of social contract, community strength is understood in the extent to which citizens, government and businesses engage in community networks , as well as in extent to which individuals inside the local community provide personal support to each other through bonds of neighbourhood, friendship and voluntary work initiatives.

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