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Deadline project proposals: 2021-08-31
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Civil society project

The aim of the project is to strengthen intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and combating the stigma of different social groups (minority groups, immigrants, refugees, etc.). It will be conducted by monitoring media messages concerning: (1) those key groups mentioned above and (2) phenomena that warm public debate to red, such as: climate change, LGBT rights, refugees relocation, problems with vaccines, technologies and their influence on citizens, etc. By exposing media manipulation, unreliable content, fake news and hate speech during the media monitoring process the citizens will receive reliable information about the arguments that appear in the public debate in essential matters and will be able to form their own opinions based on facts and then they will be able to become involved in shaping public policies in those issues. One of the project’s results will be the map of information sources showing which of them are reliable on the one hand, and which of them are unreliable on the other hand that.

Proposed project consists of four phases:

  1. Educational phase (media literacy) – in which young volunteers will be taught how to responsibly receive and consume different media messages (Internet, TV, Press, Radio);
  2. Media Monitoring phase – in which trained young volunteers will proceed the process of monitoring media messages in essential issues concerning key social groups;
  3. Reporting phase – in which the results of the monitoring will be shown in the form of professional reports and interactive digital maps;

Public Policy Influence phase – in which young people and the representatives of the project’s crew will try to influence public policy by distributing those reports, that were prepared earlier.

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