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Deadline project proposals: 2020-09-01
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Civil society project

Youth involvement in public debating and discussion is very important to maintain and improve European citizenship. Youth have and will have for the next 50 years key role in shaping future of the European Union. Our main aim is to involve youth population of Mediterranean countries (Croatia, Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain) through different activities  to empower their critical thinking and raise awareness of solidarity. Critical thinking  and collaboration with NGOs can be key solution to combat euroscepticism and to promote active political participation.  Project will: 1) raise knowledge about EU and their institution 2) develop and improve  critical thinking 3) empower  collaboration  between youth and NGOs 4) engage youth population in public discussions about EU. With active participation in different activities, from scientific research, service learning, international conference, EU international summer school, youth from different EU-Mediterranean countries will have opportunity to develop their skills to combat existing populism and euroscepticism in their countries. It is important not only to develop their knowledge and skills, but also attitudes  toward democratic and civic participation at local and Union level. With above mentioned activities, project will also  implement Philosophy for children as key method for developing critical thinking, pub discussion, movie nights and local tour with minorities in order to raise multicultural skills, to engage youth in discussion with experts and to hear their voice and opinion about existing EU policies and future of EU.  It is important that youth understand why their active participation is important for the future of Europe, how and why different volunteering activities open mind and give life skills, how to recognize and why we should question  some statements from populist political parties about EU. Also, as part of the project, new web page and Facebook page will be created. Most of these activities will be possible to  access through project web and Facebook page that will in interesting and creative way try to include as much as possible wider population, not only youth from Mediterranean countries.

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