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Deadline project proposals: 01-09-2019
Deadline partner’s expression of interest in participating in the project proposal: 19-07-2019
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Civil society project
The European integration process has Solidarity as historical and shared pillar. Solidarity means exchange and co-building values in a small, medium, big community. The European Union has a long history of Third Sector Agencies which accompanied the social, cultural and economic development of Europe in the last 40 years. At the local level, and recently at microcommunities level, many experiences of informal solidarity came up in the last 10 years underlining a new spirit of involvement of citizens in taking care of and responsibilities on a district, a street, a building. In many cases citizens represent an intermediate body, in other case he/she operates as individual. These informal Networking experiences are, first of all, experiences of values. Values – often well hidden in the mainstream public debate – are, on the contrary, the basis for a better built intervention and action. Many of these experiencesco-write an executive plan for changing the local context and lobby with local and regional institutions.The idea of the WeNet! Project is to investigate and analyse whether – to what extent – EU values are present within informal microcommunities networks and which of these values are effectively shared at EU level among these networking experiences. From these the main output will consist into a “Chart of EU Common values for informal microcommunities networks in EU” open to be signed by other similar experiences