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Deadline project proposals: 31-08-2021
Deadline partner’s expression of interest in participating in the project proposal: 03-07-2019
Action, Measure in the framework Action, Measure in the framework of “Europe for Citizens” Programme: Strand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation. Networks of towns

Today's person has to be creative and interested in european politics. We are seeking to find ways to promote citizens' interest in their culture, common european history and politics. It is important not to forget that a citizen is a happy person, when he can realize himself in activities that he likes. However, sometimes it is crucial to direct him in the right direction and provide a wider choice. It is a new innovative approach of making business that promotes citizenship and european politics. It inspires to look at yourself as a citizen, as a member of society, as a volunteer that seeks to know and creat. 

General aim: gather community of volunteers, scientists, students, researchers, creators and active european citizens and give it a work place, equipment and opportunity to find out Europe's cultural differences and similarities. We are also seeking to explore citizenship, democracy and Europe in a creative and entrepreneurial way. 

Specific aim: Network of Partners. 

Main activities: 

Five meetings (events). Two events in partners' 

countries and three events in Lithuania, Panevėžys city. 


We will promote the citizenship, review the politics of different countries and educate a creative society. 

1. Event (2 days) 

Topic: Volunteering in Europe. Can it be a business start? Good practise and possible challenges. 

Workshop: Knowledge through practise. 

Teamwork: Purification of ideas. 

Homeworks for the next event. 

2. Event (2 days) 

Topic: The view and politics of European Union in making business that promotes citizenship. New opportunities. 

It is a continued event in one of the partner's country. We hope to hear approaches to business and insights from citizens, politics and entrepreneurs that are from different countries. 

Homeworks for the next event. 

3. Camp (3-4 days) 


History of democratization in Europe. What is a civic behaviour? Can it help to create new forms of business? How to involve as much people as you can that have different experience, knowledge and skills? The principles of volunteering. Does the volunteering culture in Europe exists? 

Participants will prepare for the next event and will get an opportunity to combine everything that has been said to create a idea for business. 

4. Event (2 days) 

Topic: From concept to prototype. 

The main activities will be workshops and teamworks where necessary skill will be developed. Team from partners will start building actual prototypes. It is like hackathon where teams compete with each other and the best ideas are selected. At the end of the event teams will present their achievements and judges will conclude the event. 

Role of the partner organisation in the project 
Panevėžys Science and Technology Park is a lead partner in this project. We are looking for partners, who would want to engage with project's activities as a partners. There will be 2 events in two of the partners' countries. Each partner should participate with two teams with innovative ideas (in any area: technological, social and etc). Each team should consist of 10 to 15 people. All team members will participate in all 5 events. 

Comments from the applicant 
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We are also looking for comments and recommendations.