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Grad Đurđevac (The City of Djurdjevac)

Grad Đurđevac (The City of Djurdjevac)

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The City of Đurđevac is a small, picturesque town in the northeast of Croatia, the regional centre of this part of Podravina region. The city and its 8.862 residents are situated in the Podravina valley, between two natural and geographic regions; between the northern slopes of Bilogora and the Drava River. The city originated in the middle of the Podravina valley consisting of three basic relief elements: fertile terraces, floodplain lowland and sand. Sand was an important part of our history, the proof of which is the geographic-botanical reserve Đurđevački peski (Djurdjevac Sands), a unique natural phenomenon. This protected area, also called the Croatian Sahara, still has visible remains of sand dunes. We put emphasis on encouraging and promoting the original, traditional values of the Djurdjevac region, as well as organize many artistic, economic, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment of the tourist offer. Within the Community of Sports Associations, there are currently 17 sports clubs operating in Djurdjevac with over 600 active athletes, many of whom have achieved notable results Among the various well-known manifestations, we particularly take great pride in the traditional cultural, entertainment and sporting event “Picokijadaas well as its central part, the theatrical spectacle “Legenda o Picokima” (“the Legend of Picoki”), which revives the legendary historic victory over the Turks under the walls of the Old Town fortress.

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