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Galway Simon Community

Galway Simon Community

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In Galway Simon Community, we focus on preventing people from becoming homeless by where possible, offering supports to maintain people in their own homes or when not possible, by helping to resettle people to a new home through mainstream housing. For those experiencing homelessness whose needs require more supported accommodation options, we provide over 90 places in our housing services ranging from single occupancy and community based shared living with visiting staff support through to staffed high supported accommodation. Many of the individuals we support have complex needs. Galway Simon Community offer those experiencing homelessness access to a multidisciplinary team comprising of Community Mental Health Nurse, a Community Nurse, an Addiction Counsellor, a Relapse Prevention Counsellor, a Nutritionist, an Occupational Therapist (OT) and an OT Assistant. This team is a vital resource within the community, which offers rapid responses to those experiencing homelessness. The team is ‘needs lead’ focusing on the individual needs of each Client.

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23 LUGLIO 2019 - Deirdre

We are seeking to create a solid framework to ensure that individuals and families experiencing, or at risk of homelessness, the rights holders, are at the centre of service delivery and advocacy and can engage in debate and awareness raising at local, national and EU level on policies and legislation which impacts them on an individual and collective level. By strengthening opportunities for those at risk of, or experiencing homelessness to be actively involved in advocating for their rights, informing, and improving homeless service provision, this project aims to seek effective solutions to address the homelessness crisis experienced in Ireland and contribute towards shared learning to other homeless services across the EU.

Under a Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission funded project, Galway Simon Community have been able to commission UK based experts in partnership working with those experiencing homelessness to review Client Advocacy structures within the organisation. This has enabled us as an organisation to engage in a process of exploring the ways in which we work in partnership with those who access and best understand through experience our services. This has laid the ground work to further explore and create a platform to springboard from and seek to widen this debate and learning at a wider EU level.

In partnership with suitable partners across Europe, we are seeking to create opportunities for debate and intercultural dialogue, sharing of ideas and learning as an EU citizen in amplifying the voice of many who are marginalised and under-represented in society. We believe that by strengthening opportunities for those experiencing homelessness to be involved in determining the direction of, and developing solutions for homelessness, we will enhance our ability to secure successful outcomes with them and to improve the effectivness homeless service delivery.

Key objectives:

  • Begin a journey of deeper understanding and embed cultural change across all partner organisations around participation and involvement initiatives with those experiencing homelessness.
  • Through partnership with other EU based homeless services, we would aim to host a number of workshops and activities where those experiencing homelessness can use this platform to share their experiences and learn through debate and dialogue.
  • Facilitate meaningful dialogue on housing/accommodation from a human rights and equality perspective.
  • Disseminate key learning outputs from workshops and shared activities across the housing and homeless sector in each respective country.
  • Strengthen our range and depth of participatory channels to assist those experiencing homelessness to vindicate their right to housing/ accommodation.
  • Build awareness and understanding of the right to housing/ accommodation and how it relates to other rights as an EU Citizen among those experiencing homelessness


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