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“Paremvasi” is a cultural company which has successfully completed 35 years of continuous presence in the Greek scene. It functions an arts development association and publishing house, that aims at promoting art, education, history, culture as well as various aspects of social and scientific research. “Paremvasi” has repeatedly featured successful cooperation with famous researchers, scholars and artists from all over Greece and other countries. Today, as one of the longest living cultural companies, it is considered as the most important intellectual ‘ambassador’ of both the city of Kozani and the wider area of Western Macedonia in Greece. As a cultural association of civilization and arts development, it has hosted hundreds of social and cultural events, not only in Kozani, but also in Thessaloniki, Athens and other Greek cities, as well as in Cyprus. As of today, it has published over 50 books not only by local writers not but also by writers from all over Greece. Among other things, the main aim and concern of Paremvasi is the promotion and development of society, culture, as well as a pluralistic approach to a number of crucial issues that have to do with creative endeavour(s), community issues, leading to the best possible development of our province and its people in various sectors of both local and global interest.

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“Developing innovative mechanisms of a  culture for solidarity among citizens, in times of crisis”

Solidarity has traditionally been at the core of the cohesion of modern European societies and the legitimacy of our political systems. It is deeply rooted in the European identity, perceived by third parties as one of its distinctive features and often as one of its most worthwhile values. The European integration adventure has referred to solidarity many years before. The recent economic crisis has very harshly impacted in Europe, challenging and calling into question both solidarity between Member States and citizens. The crisis has revealed serious weaknesses in the EU model of integration and has put at risk the fragile European identity. Within this frame, what solidarity should mean which intensity of increased solidarity, and how the solidarity mechanisms should be built and worked, have generated new tensions in public sphere and discourse.

The chosen issue for “Developing innovative mechanisms of a  culture for solidarity, among citizens, in times of crisis”, aims to stimulate debate, reflection and cooperation on the issue of solidarity to create shared values, concrete civic participation and common mechanisms for volunteering. The project attempts to reflect on the nature and characteristics of solidarity within a supranational context, explain what solidarity has meant so far in the EU, how much solidarity we had during the crisis, what type of solidarity is needed, how to build it up and how culture can contribute in this direction. It focuses on solidarity mechanisms in all its facets during and after the economic. The project is promoted by the Cultural company “Paremvasi” with the cooperation of associations/companies/sectors of other countries, with a view to promoting more open thought and action in the topic of Solidarity in times of crisis.


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