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Municipality of Kurbin

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Nome: Armandela Bardhi


Municipality of Kurbin

Non ci sono progetti | Street LAC-MILOT, no.138 Laç, Kurbin
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Public local/regional authority
Municipality of Kurbin-Albania lies in the North-West of Albania and is bordered to the North with the Municipalities of Lezha and Mirdita, on the East with Mat Municipality, on South with Kruja and Durrës Municipalities and on the West with the Adriatic Sea. It consists of 4 administrative units: Laç, Mamurras, Fushë-Kuqe and Milot. Kurbini is known for the Patok lagoon and it carries tourist due to its geographical position in the Adriatic Sea which makes it also rich in natural resources. Kurbin Municipality wants to improve the services, offering a better quality to citizens through cooperation with various institutions or NGOs. Kurbin Municipality is open to new collaborations to put in place different projects to achieve new standards that will bring us closer to the European Union.


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