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Municipality of Tropojë

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Nome: Kreshnik SOKOLAJ


Telefono: 00355 685460340

Municipality of Tropojë

Non ci sono progetti | "Azem Hajdari" Square, 8701 Bajram Curri, Tropojë Tropojë, Albania
Municipality of Tropojë crowns the top of Albania, with Montenegro to the north and Kosovo to the east. Known as the Albanian Alps, it is home to snow-capped summits, forested vales, glacial springs, pristine rivers, and towering waterfalls of Valbona Valley National Park. Thanks to remoteness, the Municipality remains one of the least trammeled and most picturesque destinations in Europe for tourists, hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts.The famous Valbonë River is one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Its borders expanded recently. By act of Parliament, the former territories of Bajram Curri, Bujan, Bytyc, Fierze, Lekbibaj, Llugaj, Margegaj merged into the Municipality of Tropojë in 2015. Headquarters are in the town of Bajram Curri. The Municipality of Tropojë fosters an inclusive, harmonious, thriving, and sustainable lifestyle for current residents, other Albanians, and future generations to enjoy.


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