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Nome: Mariana Mladenova



Un progetto inserito | 69-11 Podp. Kalitin, 6001 Stara Zagora
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FOREGROUND Foundation is a non-profit organization that finds, illuminates and creates engaging educational and entertaining content. Mission: To show valuable examples of age-old traditions and cultures, world-changing ideas and activities, amazing creations of the nature and the human kind. Activities: - To produce and broadcast documentary film and programs - To develop and promote educational materials and interactive tools to open new doors to learning - To develop digital tools for deeper engagement with online followers to make the content easily accessible - To organize public events - To create cause-related partnerships helping to make a direct impact on the communities in which we live and work - To participate in research and exploratory

Proposte progettuali in corso

30 GENNAIO 2019 - FOREGROUND Foundation

“Fall to Rise” is a multilayer project buildaround the idea of bringing European historyinto young Europeans lives. Exploringparallel events in Central and Eastern Europeat the time of Berlin wall’s fall, the projectaims to highlight turning points in historythat make core values as democracy,solidarity and equality possible in today’sEurope. Main objectives are provokingintercultural and intergenerational dialogueand making young people activeparticipators in remembrance of key factsfrom the common past by using contemporary tools as video, social media, interactive online and offline activities.


Role of the partner organisation in the


- To research and collect source

information about their country

related to the project’s topic

- To attend partners meetings

- To organize activities at a local level

- To take part in building a web


- To join in the production of a short


- To support dissemination and

promotion of project’s outcomes


Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali
Via del Collegio Romano, 27 - 00186 Roma