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Vojislav Vujic

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Civil Society organisation
C:E:T platform was established as a group of experts with the aim to provide support, assistance, services and expertise in the field of the development of civil society and democratic institutions, civic values, and non-formal education for all citizens, especially young people. C:E:T also deals with advocacy in public policy issues. C:E:T organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) on the issues of activism, education, promotion and exchange in the field of human rights, and development of local, regional, European and international relations and cooperation. C:E:T especially promotes the development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development (of civil society).

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9 AUGUST 2019 - CET Platform
Abstract: Serbian branch of CET PLATFORM and its partner organizations would like to invite you to join project proposal “Tales of Europeans” that will be submitted to EACEA within September 2nd, 2019 deadline of Europe for Citizens programme, under Stand 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation, Measure: Networks of Towns. Project TALES OF EUROPEANS aim to provide opportunities to Europeans to discuss, debate and explore common history and common future of Europe and European Union. Specific objectives of project are to:- Collect, share and discuss testimonies of older generations of Europeans by European youth and recognize differences in present Europe based on lessons from history and achievements of European integration;- Help citizens in different communities to understand meaning and policies of European Union and its effect to everyday life of every European including those skeptical or indifferent regarding European integration;- Analise different scenarios of European integration and European enlargement and articulate visions that ordinary citizens have regarding future of Europe;- Create sustainable network of communities across Europe that will carry our common EU awareness activities.  Project will include 12 municipalities, institutions and organization from EU and Western Balkans. Following meetings will be hosted in by different partner organizations during 2020:- OUR STORY, kick-off meeting- ONCE UPON A TIME IN EUROPE, sharing stories of European grandparents- EUandYOU, debating Europe today on public meeting and online- ACCESSION OR DEPRESSION, discussion future or EU enlargement- VISION OF EUROPENS, on future of Europe- EUROPE IS US, evaluation and dissemination meeting If you are interested in being partner, please send us complete registration form on this link: by 14/08/2019. If you have any question, feel free to contact us on    Warm regards, Vojislav VujicExecutive Director of CET PLATFORM


Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali
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