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Asociación Zabalketa

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Civil Society organisation
NGO that works at local level in awareness-raising and education projects, and internationally in Development Cooperation projects.

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25 GENNAIO 2019 - Asociación Zabalketa

 “European Network of Solidarity Municipalities”: 

This proposal aims to promote a network of Municipalities at European level that share a certain approach about public policies as tools to promote the values of solidarity and coexistence, integrating in an innovative way local public and private agents: small local commerce, municipal social services, associations and local governments existing in the territory. 

This proposal seeks to convert businesses into social transformation agents and generate new spaces to foster relations and articulations between citizens and the most vulnerable population. 

The project will involve thousands of people in everyday accessible gestures of solidarity that allow the social peripheries to become new customers of those local businesses in a dignified manner. 

* The idea for this project stems from a project that Zabalketa is already implementing in Getxo, SOLIDARIDUP: 

In line with the Europe for Citizens Programme Guide, this project will include, among others, the following activities: 

- Promotion of societal engagement and solidarity 

- Volunteering: activities promoting solidarity among Union citizens and beyond. 

Furthermore, in the framework of this project we have foreseen the following meetings: 

- Three meetings will be held in each participating territory, in each one of them, the tractors of the proposal, the public institutions and the social agents will participate. 

- A joint meeting will be held and that will help to bring the partners closer and know what steps are being carried out in each territory. 


Non-profit organizations that work to eradicate injustices in their immediate surroundings and that are committed to education and awareness raising activities. 

Portugal, France, Italy.


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