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Name: Valentina Aicardi


Telephone num.: +393282495840


Non ci sono progetti | Via Bellardi 116 10146 Torino
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Tedacà is an Under 35 association and cultural company, recognized by Regione Piemonte (a large regional institution in Northern-west Italy), that works in the field of performing arts in Turin since 2002. At the moment Tedacà counts more than 450 members and 13 workers. We manage two youth centers: Cartiera, which is also our administrative and project office, and Bellarte, now a theatre and cultural hub for its neighboring area. Tedacà organizes dozens of artistic courses in these two youth centers and in lots of schools (from kindergarten to high school) in the entire metropolitan territory. Tedacà has a professional company that produces new dramaturgy’s shows. It is also specialized in business education and the creation of mass performances. Tedacà’s organization and ability in creating projects have been recognized by the principal national calls, such as Funder35 (for the best cultural youth enterprises) and Migrarti, funded by MiBAC (Italian Ministry of Culture).


Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo
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