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Sortski klub "Sportiko" Pančevo

Sortski klub "Sportiko" Pančevo

Un progetto inserito | Masarikova 1a Pancevo, Serbia
Sports Club "Sportiko" from Pancevo (Serbia) deals with sports activities primarily with children and youth, focusing on water sports. "Sportiko" is dedicated to children with developmental difficulties, who exercise equally with their peers from the general population, aiming to develop motor functions and socialize, which provides them with better integration into society. In addition to water sports like kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, swimming and rafting, children can also enjoy some other sports activities, such as table tennis, hiking and skiing. Club members are not directed only on sports results, but also on stimulating and developing other values and skills among children, like friendship, perseverance, education, love for sports and healthy lifestyles. The club has been active since 2002. and has an average of about 80 members.

Projects proposal

27 AGOSTO 2020 - Sortski klub "Sportiko" Pančevo

Project “Set mind to be inclusive” connetcts
 inclusive organizations that work with children and  youth  in the fields of sports, leisure,  activism and  education.
Through joint events, participants (children / youth and coaches / mentors) will improve capacities in the following fields:
- sport (Set mind to be active) - organization of a sports camp
- personalaity empowering (set mind to be proud) - self-esteem workshops

- game / fun (set mind to be fun) - games without frontiers

All partner organizations with approximately 20 participants (children / youth) and 5 mentors will participate in the joint events.
Participant groups will be formed to include both children / youth with developmental difficulties and children/youth from general population. Teams within sports camps / workshops will be mixed (participants from different countries / children with disabilities / general population), so they can directly and through personal experience develop correct attitudes about diversity.

During the project, partner organizations will collect and exchange examples of best practice from their communities. Also, organizations will make a list of 3 to 5 things / phenomena that is important to change in local communities, if it is possible to implement them in the next 3 to 5 years. They will send them to local authorities in the form of recommendations. Priority lists will be made in consultation with the local community, especially taking into account the needs of individuals / groups for whom such a change would improve the quality of life.

Project aims:
1.     support to children / youth in forming correct attitudes towards people with disabilities and developmental difficulties
2.    Improving the skills of children / youth (motor skills, teamwork, self-esteem, benefits from playing sports, etc.)
3.    Empowerment of trainers / educators / organizations through networking and exchange of experiences
4.    Promoting an inclusive society as desirable, public appeal to local authorities in order to make local communitiy acces to all


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