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Inspiring Change

Inspiring Change

Un progetto inserito | Đorđa Jovanovića 13 Belgrade, Serbia
Inspiring Change is a non-profit youth-led organization, with main focus on education within social and creative entrepreneurship, sustainable business models, and green business ideas. Our team is contained of eight active members, delivering workshops, fostering international mobility of creative operators, and establishing a network of actors within the creative industry of Serbia. Inspiring Change started as an organization for hosting art residencies, and has so far hosted three cycles of training and residency programmes. Specifically, we have specialized in the field of youth, having two licensed youth facilitators as active members, delivering workshops from topics of Activism, Creativity and Circular Economy.

Projects proposal

27 AGOSTO 2020 - Inspiring Change

During the pandemic, in extraordinary circumstances, it is not possible to use protests as a democratic tool without creating a health risk, considering that the measures such as social distancing cannot be implemented. Another obstacle for using protests in the time of global emergency is the growing anxiety and apathy that is being recognized among our fellow citizens. Having all this in mind, it is important to strengthen the neighborly relationships between Eastern European countries in order to discover new ways of using civil voices in a safer environment and cherish democratic values by giving power to the people.


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