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Centro Social Paroquial Santo Condestável

Centro Social Paroquial Santo Condestável

Un progetto inserito | Av. Dr. Aguedo de Oliveira, S/N 5300-074 Bragança, Portugal
The Centro Social Paroquial Santo Condestável (IPSS) is a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS), created in 1989 in the city of Bragança, in the north of Portugal, and aims to promote the social and community development of the parishes of the municipality of Bragança, from an innovative, participatory and inclusive perspective. The Sto Condestável is known in the district of Bragança, as one of the oldest and largest IPSS, with more social responses and support to the community. Currently, we have 88 employees and about 21 volunteers who actively participate in all activities of the Sto Condestável. Over time, it has been possible to put into operation the fol-lowing social responses: Shelter Home - Child and Youth Home (CA), Family Day Care, Nannies, CATL, Social Centre, Day Care Centre, Home Support Service and Social Cafeteria, RSI, Com-munity Centre, Temporary Accommodation Centre (CAT), Community Laundry.

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17 AGOSTO 2020 - Centro Social Paroquial Santo Condestável

GROWING WITH ATTITUDE is a project that wants to involve young people more directly and more actively in European    Union. Our aims: Exchange of experience between partners from different countries; Promotion of good examples of solidarity and social participation in public affairs, including especially young people; Holding events (debates, workshops, study, NGO activists, representatives of government structures, ...)


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