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Association for Human Rights and Active Citizenship PaRiter

Association for Human Rights and Active Citizenship PaRiter

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Association PaRiter is feminist non-profit, organization that promotes human rights, culture of non-violence, tolerance, minority rights and gender equality and women’s rights by linking non-formal education, research and activism. In 2018, the association has become an anti-discrimination point of the Ombudsman in Croatia. We have two main areas of acting, each with specific aims: 1. Protection of women’s rights: protection of women’s reproductive rights and improve conditions for their implementation; create equal possibilities and gender equality in the employment process, work and promotion; ensure equal participation of women in social, economic and political life. 2. Promotion of the culture of non-violence, solidarity and development of active citizenship: development of active and responsible civic participation among youth; promotion of respect toward human rights, and support to advocacy and awareness raising initiatives. In the field of empowering gender equality movement and women's rights, we have done different activities (training, research, campaigns, advocacy, workshops, roundtables, etc.) and we have an advisory centre for women regarding their reproductive rights. In the field of youth, we have cooperated with numerous student dorms and high schools using non-formal learning methods, human libraries and forum theatres, and we are members of the GOOD initiative which aims to implement civil education in Croatian schools. We have implemented more transnationa

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24 LUGLIO 2020 - Association for Human Rights and Active Citizenship PaRiter

We would like to be partners to the applicant organizations in the following fields: Projects in the field of gender equality:Awareness raising projects, campaigns, advocacy, and similar.Women working rightsEducating employers on gender equalityEmpowering womenReproductive rights/justiceEuropean Union’s policy for gender equalityComparative analysis of gender equality  in EU Member states (in the field of work and reproductive rights)Legal advisory in the field of women’s working rightsPsychological support  for women in the field of reproductive rightsPrevention of gender based violenceFeminism Projects in the field of Human rights and active participation: ActivismDemocratic processesRoles and responsibility of citizensActive engagement of citizensFollowing and survey of public policiesAccess to equal rightsAnti-discrimination policyRight to informationCritical approach to media and news   Projects in the field of Youth: Active civic participation and democracyStructured dialogueComprehensive sexuality education Human rightsWomen rightsForum theatreComprehensive sexual education


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