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Preiļu novada dome (Latvian)

Preiļu novada dome (Latvian)

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Preili County Council is a local municipality located in the South-East part of Latvia - Latgale region, not far from border with Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. Preili city founded in 1928, but the Preili County - in 2000. County includes Preili city and 4 rural municipalities – Aizkalne, Peleci, Preili un and Sauna. The area of Preili County is 364,41 km2, about 10 thousand people are living in this territory. The smart and sustainable principles of territory development are included in the “Preili County Development Programme 2018-2024”, there are 3 main long-term goals: 1) Environmental quality of life and human resource development (education, culture, health care, social assistance, social services and recreational services) and preservation of cultural heritage; 2) infrastructure development and availability / accessibility; 3) environmentally friendly business and economy development, and employment promotion, innovation support. A number of different projects and activities have been implemented in Preili municipality (more than 40 by May, 2020, total amount about 24 million EUR). Mostly of them are at local level and related to development of local community infrastructure – reconstruction of roads and schools, creation of business environment, improvement of public education, health, social skills etc. co-founded by European Union and Latvian state. Preili County is famous for its places of attraction and cultural heritage. The most beautiful is "Preili Manor Com

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24 LUGLIO 2020 - Preiļu novada dome (Latvian)

‘INVOLVING SOCIETY IN PRESERVING CULTURAL HERITAGE FOR SMART DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPEAN REGIONS’  The main goal is to exchange the experience with municipalities/ organisations of other countries to preserve Cultural Heritage based on society information and activationTasks: - to create the network of territories/ towns in preservation of Cultural Heritage in local municipalities, - to develop methods of public information and involvement in Cultural Heritage processes, - to raise the activity of population to discuss smart future of Europe, - to see the examples of good practice in European regions,- to get to know examples of municipal cooperation with entrepreneurs, private public partnership as a tool to preserve and to develop objects,


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