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The activities of the Foundation focuses on creativity and expression of children in the field of native folklore, education through creativity and play, communication and friendship through culture. Key activities: - Implementdtion of scientific seminars and conferences; - Organisation of National Festivals “Bulgarian Tales”; - Publishing of a multilingual series “Bulgarian Folk Wisdom around the World” in 8 volumes till now; - Yearly contests for child illustration on folklore themes “The wisdom of our people” – since 2000 to date; - Yearly children's holidays before 24th of May and 1st of June - since 2000 to date; - Exhibitions “The wisdom of our people” in Sofia, around the country and abroad – more than 40. - “Folk holidays in school” - more than 20 holidays in Bulgarian schools in the country and abroad - Yearly student contests “In a good head, a hundred hands”

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Abstract: In a good head, a hundred handsEthnic tolerance and equal opportunities for young Europeans through folklore and intercultural dialogueThe aim of the project is to promote democratic and civic participation of young people from different countries through:-   Upbringing and education of adolescents and young people from different nationalities and ethnic minorities, in tolerance, understanding and social inclusion of marginalised groups.-   Intercultural dialogue through games activities and creative expression in the field of folklore and traditions of the minority groups in a pan-European context.Activities and dialogue revolve around proverbs and sayings in use within national and ethnic groups in our partner countries to collect practices and examples as models featuring folk wisdom and European values.We plan to hold the "In a good head, a hundred hands" competition of proverbs, sayings and riddles to showcase folklore patterns in the partner countries.  The target group is adolescents and young people from primary and secondary schools and art colleges in several European countries. Building on research activities to understand and tackling problems related to integration, tolerance and marginalisation in Europe. Educators and pedagogues play a key role in addressing those challenges. The project will deliver a targeted training to ensure their capacity by sharing experience and European successful practices.The project deliverables also include:-   An electronic manual for working with young people in the direction of building active citizens through education of tolerance to minority, ethnic and ethnic groups. -   A publication highlighting the cultural richness of the countries involved in the project and the organisation of exhibitions of the best illustrations from participating schools and organisations on the theme of multiculturality and diversity in Europe.In terms of impact, through a cross-European collaboration the project aims at supporting a comprehensive and complementary approach in advancing knowledge on addressing the issues of tolerance and multicultural integration as of the early stages of education.


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