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ARCI VALDARNO is a territorial committee of the national association ARCI (Italian Recreational and Cultural Association). Established in 1981, it is identified as a non-profit organization. The area of ​​competence is located in the centre of Tuscany, an area called Valdarno Superiore, where it represents a well-established reality, both for the collaborative relationships with the local Municipality and for the numerous activities carried out in the various sectors of competence, which are active participation, democracy, sociality, solidarity, human rights and culture. An important resource of the association is the widespread presence on the territory guaranteed by the numerous clubs, where people meet every day, share ideas and passions: there are currently 68 member clubs in this area for a total of nearly 10,500 members. Our clubs represent a strong meeting point for individuals, and for the promotion of socialization, aggregation, recreation, as well as for the development of solidarity, cultural and integration projects.

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Abstract: State of the art As stated in the EC white paper on “the future of Europe”, building Europe is a work in progress that never stops and, always looking to the future actions of women and man that will keep creating the Europe of tomorrow. But the future is made by the actions moved by the thoughts and believes of the women and man of the present who are facing a wave of “Euroscepticism” mostly based on economical and political reasons. As also stated in the white paper, Europe has to be the Europe of everybody, without leaving no one aside. For this reason, the project intends to challenge the Euroscepticism, starting from the same people who are sceptical about Europe. A strong and united Europe cannot create factions and enemies but has, on the contrary, to listen to everybody, especially to Eurosceptics. Objectives Enlarge our understanding regarding Euroscepticism and the reason behind the average Eurosceptic EU Citizens. Fostering the acknowledgement of EU common historical facts and the understanding of “how does EU works” Creating and supporting dialogue and discussions among EU Citizens regarding new paths for the Europe of the future Activities Preliminary Activities “Know your Eurosceptic” The project plan to start its activity with a preparatory/preliminary set of activities focused on collecting Eurosceptic’s thoughts and understand what the reasons behind their scepticism are. P.1 Questionnaires Collection P.2 Focus Groups After the preliminary phase, X project will focus on two fundamental elements of the “taking action” for creating a new and more cohesive Europe: 1) “what do we want to avoid”; 2) “where do we want to go”. All the actions that created the European Union were moved by the desire/need to avoid or escape from something, and by the desire to reach a specific goal. Activity 1 “What do we want to avoid” The first main activity will focus on display or recreate specific events from the European past, sometimes with the addition of “what if?” scenarios. The activity will tackle, amongst the others, the following themes: War Rights and mobility restriction others to be defined A.1.1 Passing through the places of the memory (memorial sites) A.1.2“what if” augmented/virtual reality scenarios A.1.3 Storytelling about first or second-hand experiences of witnesses Activity 2 “Where do we want to go” The second main activity will focus on defining new paths, proposals and solutions for the new Europe, starting from the understanding of present Europe and its functioning. New paths designed will be the result of an open and conscious exchange amongst Eurosceptics and Euro-supporters, a synthesis between the 2 opposite but equally nurturing points of view. The activity will tackle, amongst the others, the following themes: Environment Youth and employment Rights, migrations and mobility A.2.1 “European Bodies, how do they work?” A.2.2 Structured debate - debate between Eurosceptics and Euro - supporters to share ideas and positions A.2.3  Lego Serious Play ©, “Create new paths for the new Europe” A.2.4 “Let’s make a statement” round tables on new paths design, refinement and draft proposal to be sent to local, national and EU policymakers. Partners by Geographical Area/Country (the ones in red are currently missing) Italy Balkans Central Europe West Europe Mediterranean       Field of expertise/Expertise required (the ones in red are currently missing) Lego Serious Play © Virtual/augmented Reality Memorial places Work with European Solidary Corps Youth Non-Formal Education/Youth Organizations /Mobility of Youth Storytelling European Policies, and research on social development. Particular focus on: environment; employment; mobility Social Debate


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